Reciprocity with Missouri
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Thread: Reciprocity with Missouri

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    Reciprocity with Missouri

    The Reciprocity map for Missouri is wrong. Tennessee recognizes all states permits as does Missouri.

    Could someone fix this?

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    The 6 month residency requirement has been gone since 28 August 2008, too.

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    The NRA site has not been updated since September 2007.

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    Missouri Attorney General's Weapons Law

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    Luke, thanks for fixing the reciprocity link. Tennessee is good to go now!

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    Not a problem Stu. If I see something, I try to bring it up.

    I'm surprised I beat ya to it though!

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    Oh, wait a minute. I just thought about it and guess you mean "that other" Luke. You know, he who shall also be known as admin. Oops.

    So um, thanks for fixing that. :D

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    It's fixed, that's what count's!

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