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    Required to inform?

    In some states, a person is required to inform a LEO that he/she is legally carrying a concealed weapon if, for example, pulled over for a traffic violation. I can't find anything on the web that says this is required in Montana, but I wanted to ask the forum here to make sure. Thanks.

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    Not sure if it's required or not, but the topic is debatable. There's about a 50/50 split amongst the group that debate whether you inform 100% of the time. I think you should, just to keep the guy at ease. Others are of the "None of your dam business" crowd.
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    I favor

    informing the officer immediately. Just calmly hand him your CHL (WA terminology) along with your driver's license if it's a traffic stop or look them in the eye with your hands in plain sight and clearly tell them you are licensed for concealed carry. The times I have done this were all handled professionally, although one sort of backed up a bit and shifted his position. All asked me something to the effect of, "Are you carrying now?" One even made a joke and asked me if I felt I might feel the need to use it. I regard every LEO I encounter as honest and rational until proven otherwise through action or word.
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    Had one ask if I had it on me. I said yes one and one in consoul. No problem.

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    There is no requirement to inform LEO in Montana.

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    +1. Only inform if the officer is searching you or if you keep your firearm in the same location you keep your insurance and registration information in (ie., the glovebox or center console).

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    found this ... But itís legal in this state to transport a firearm, loaded or not, under the seat of a car or truck or in a glove box of a vehicle. ... at Bozeman Montana Local News another good read Montana Gun Laws

    Now this is for Montana only! (applied for a job in Montana so I am reading up on it) You can have a loaded weapon in your car... any place. No need to tell law enforcement.... unless they ask. Myself... if I was stopped and going to the glove box to look for insurance or something... I would tell him there is a gun there before I reached for it... or under the seat if reaching for ID or something.

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    We have very good gun laws here Montana law prohibits people from carrying concealed weapons inside city, town or logging camp limits and also contains some limits on carrying concealed weapons outside of city limits. I live in the county but have a permit because of the above and when I purchase a firearm all I do is fill out the 4473 Form and I'm on my way.

    Awesome laws here.
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