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Thread: I'm running for office in Nevada's 13th Assembly District

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    Congrats Elizabeth! I see it was a close one but you pulled out a win!

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    Am SO glad she won. She is GREAT!

    When AB-282 was "back door" amended in the Assembly, we took our concerns to the Senate. And Senator Halseth went to bat for us.

    If not for Senator Halseth listening to the pro-gun community, AB-282 would have been much worse.

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    Constitutional Conservative Elizabeth Halseth - Awesome

    Nevada's Constitutional Conservative Senator Elizabeth Halseth ROCKS !

    With Nevada's tax & spend liberals and two-faced RINO's ... Elizabeth Halseth is truly giving HOPE for real positive CHANGE in Nevada !

    NoBama & No RINOS in 2012

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    I think an admin type could safely "unsticky" this post now.

    And many thanks to Senator Elizabeth Halseth for her wonderful pro-gun contributions in the Nevada 2011 Legislative Session!

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