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    You might want to look into expungement. I'm not sure in Nevada but I know some states an expungement is basically the same as a judge saying that you are no longer guilty of xxx crime. This is something that I would get some good legal council on if it where me. I personally would save my fees for right now and add them to a little savings account that you could use to fund the fight. Hope it works out for you whatever you descide.

    Misdemeanor DUIs can't be sealed until seven years from when the case was closed.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by varminter22 View Post
    Unfortunately, it DOES mean no CCW permit until five years have passed.

    However, a NV sheriff does have the option of issuing a temporary permit. BUT I would NOT count on that happening.
    And who knows when the 5 year period actually begins too.
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