Utah group seeks W-Wendover CCW class
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Thread: Utah group seeks W-Wendover CCW class

  1. Utah group seeks W-Wendover CCW class

    There are a lot of Salt Lake area residents who would be willing to travel as far as West Wendover for Nevada permit training.

    Are there any instructors offering classes in that area?
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  3. I'm currently working on this witha groups from Opencarry.org. I will be starting a thread here in the UT forum to get this rolling.
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  4. I live in West Wendover and know an instructor from Elko that will hold classes here. His class is good for both NV and UT.

  5. Any progress?

    Have you had any progress on getting a class scheduled? I'm in for at least two attendees.

  6. The class dates are set for Aug 8th and 9th. Sign up wit Semper Firearms by July 16th including deposit. Thers more info in the NV section of opencarry.org forums.

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