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    Quote Originally Posted by DGallegos View Post
    I think I am going to go with american shooters, does anyone have anything bad to say about them? and If I go with my glock and my revolver, do I get the ccw card for Any semi/Any Revolver? or do i have to do those separately? Thanks for the input
    American Shooters is a good place to hassles or stupid "added on" requirements. The AS on Boulder Hwy is now permanently closed, but the main store on Arville St. is open.

    Yes. Qualify with a pistol and a revolver and your CCW will be good for any revolver and/or pistol.

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    When I qualified at The Gun Store in Las Vegas (5 years ago and a few weeks ago) the requirement was:

    3 yards - 6 shots firing hand, reload, 6 shots support hand (60 seconds)
    7 yards - 6 shots freestyle, reload, 6 shots freestyle (60 seconds)
    15 yards - 6 shots freestyle, reload, 6 shots freestyle (60 seconds)

    I've never heard of a 30 second requirement.
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    by the NSCA Training Standards Stillwater Firearms Association - Downloads
    there is NO time limit.

    And, only 30 rounds must be fired.

    That said, by all accounts instructors may add requirements.

    To those of you that believe the training requirements should be more stringent, what say you about Constitutional Carry (aka Right to Carry)?

    Vermont has not required "permits" since statehood in 1791. Alaska, since 2003. Arizona since 2010. Wyoming, since 2011 (although for WY residents only). Have you EVER heard of "problems" in the above states? If there were problems, don't you think the leftist media would be broadcasting it about every three minutes??

    Why not in Nevada? Are Nevadans somehow less worthy? See Stillwater Firearms Association - Constitutional Carry for Nevada!

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