American Shooters in Henderson CLOSED Again
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Thread: American Shooters in Henderson CLOSED Again

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    American Shooters in Henderson CLOSED Again

    American Shooters range on Boulder Highway in Henderson is closed again. No great loss, as they were only open two weekdays anyway.

    While I'm on the subject...

    I had to qualify a new pistol (Ruger LCP) to add to my CCW and stopped in at "The Gun Store" on Tropicana today for what might seem a simple task. (Before continuing, let me say that the LCP only comes with one magazine and nobody has extras in stock...including

    When I inquired at TGS, I was told that I had to fire 12 rounds in thirty seconds as part of my qualification. Now, Nevada residents all know that is pure BS, and trying to do it with only one six-rd mag is darn near impossible. Of course, I asked "Why?" because there is no statutorily requirement concerning speed shooting (or much else) in the Nevada statute. They said that was "their" requirement. Pretty stupid...HUH?

    No more business from me at The Gun Store.

    While I'm on the soapbox, let me tell you about Accuracy Gun Shop on Boulder Hwy in Henderson...

    I stopped by there this morning in my futile attempt to find and extra magazine. As I approached the door, I was greeted by a large sign telling me to unload my handgun before entering the store. Now, that may not bother some folks, but it is a pet peeve of mine. I turned around and got back in the Jeep. No business from me at Accuracy Gun Shop and Daycare Center.

  3. American Shooters on Arville too!

    They have no loaded signs at every entrance. I told the manager that he should take down the signs and they would get more business. No response. The workers are not even armed themselves. WTF?

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