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Thread: Nevada CCW application wait time

  1. Clark County - LVMPD
    NR CCW - initial application
    Submitted late Jan 2015
    Picked up mid May 2015
    104 days turn around.

    My friend's NR CCW was mailed on the 105th day.

  3. I turned in my application, got fingerprinted, pic taken, and pay the fee on Auguest 7, 2015 here in LV on Cameron Ave. They said 120 days so I have about 3 more months to wait for it. Hopefully it will go faster since I just retired from 22 years of Active Duty service in the Air Force or not. Who knows anymore. I don't have any felony, any weapon crime, or any speeding ticket in the last 12 years. Will update this thread when I receive my CCW.
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    Elko county, first permit and most recent both got back to me around the 3 week mark. Mostly because I have no need of checking my mail daily, so it may have sat over night
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  5. 115 days. Everything correct on my card

  6. Elko is pretty efficient, even though it did take me 2 round trips from Ogden, UT; one for the course and one to turn in the application.

    In less than 3 weeks after turning in the paperwork I got a reply from the sheriff's dept. Unfortunately, it was a temporary denial, the sheriff wanted to know about a misdemeanor in 1989 and one in 1971. And he was out of town for a bit when I first called. But when I did get in touch with him, the permiot showed up in my mailbox within like 4 days.

  7. What is the current wait time in Washoe County?

  8. Received my CCW in the mail yesterday, Nov 17, 2015. 100 days. Thank you LVMPD. Finally I can use my new Alienware IBW holster.

  9. What did you have to do for renewal NV nonresident CWP? Retake a class? Where do you get the form? Can it be done online?

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    4 hour renewal from a NV certified instructor IN Nevada.
    includes range requirement.

    You can get an AZ permit and not have to travel.

    NV recognizes AZ

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  11. Now its 2016 just took my class and filed for my concealed carry permit in Clark County January 25, 2016 been told it will take full 120 days. I let you know when I get my permit.

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