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    Hello, I am a resident of Kentucky and I am planning a trip to Las Vegas in mid July and would like to know if Nevada has passed a bill to recognize my CCW permit as I don't want to leave home without it.


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    Didn't "pass a bill", but NDPS and NSCA have conducted their annual review and did add Kentucky.
    The Department of Public Safety prepared the initial list in October 2007. The list of states is also posted on the Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs Association website and the Nevada Department of Public Safety website (specifically, at NVDPS Records and Technology Nevada Department of Public Safety).

    Beginning 01JUL2011, Nevada recognizes CCW permits from the following states:

    •*New Mexico
    •*North Carolina
    •*Rhode Island
    •West Virginia
    (* - Newly recognized beginning July 1, 2011)
    SFA - CCW Classes and Information

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