BATFE approved NICS exemption for NV CFP holders*
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Thread: BATFE approved NICS exemption for NV CFP holders*

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    BATFE approved NICS exemption for NV CFP holders*

    Info was released on 08-30-2011.

    On 07-01-2011, NV AB282 became law.
    One of the things that AB282 did was change NV CCW laws so that NV CFP holders could qualify for the NICS exemption to firearm transfers from FFL dealers.

    On 08-26-2011, BATFE approved the changes and started notifying NV FFL dealers that persons with NV CFPs issued after 07-01-2011 would be exempt from NICS.

    Why only NV CFPs issued after 07-01-2011?
    Because, NV CFPs issued prior to 07-01-2011, did not meet the requirements needed to qualify for the NICS exemption.

    NV residents with a NV CFP issued after 07-01-2011 = no longer have to pay the $25 NICS fee for transfers from a NV FFL dealer.
    NV resident with a NV CFP issued before 07-01-2011 = still have to pay the $25 NICS fee for transfers from a NV FFL dealer.

    BATFE letter to NV FFL dealers
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    Actually, one can easily argue that permits issued prior to July 1, 2011 DO meet the requirements.

    Note that all Nevada sheriffs signed an MOU with no expiration date, sent by NDPS to BATFE, stating they would comply with fed requirements until Nevada law could be amended.

    Also note that when that temporary agreement was made, there was no limitation on when permits were issued.

  4. I was able to buy guns and used my ccw for the back ground check until a few yrs ago when the bataf found that things was not up to standerds up north with some of the paper work at some of the pd office so we lost out on the no check and started having to pay the 25 and had to get the check done so now iam stll can not because my ccw was redon in july 2010 but if it was done 7 2011 it ok what the hell is wrong with this I have had a ccw since nv started giving them out so i have to wait till 2015 to redue to get a card with a date that is 7 2011 or newer what a joke and what about the mou that nv did with batfe it was a no limitation on permits issued

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    Any information on the opportunity for early renewals for any counties yet?

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    At least a couple of sheriffs have indicated they will allow super early renewals.

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    Brief I received after the Sept 15 NSCA meeting:
    [The NSCA] agreed to do the following:

    1) [NSCA Exec Dir] Frank Adams will personally contact all the Sheriffs about whether they
    have been following the BATFE rules on CCW backgrounds for the last five
    years that would qualify us for the NICS exemption.
    2) If this is confirmed, he will generate a form letter and send it to all
    the Sheriffs so we can verify to BATFE we've followed these rules and
    request exemption for all CCW's.
    3) We hope to all have our letters signed and e-mailed back to Frank
    within the next week.
    4) He will generate a NvSCA letter and forward it with all the Sheriffs'
    letters to BATFE.

    All of us want this exemption for all of the active CCWs. However, if
    there is one Sheriff who has not been following the rules for renewals (I
    don't believe there will be) then we cannot make this petition to the

    While this letter and petition process system is going on, we have agreed
    as an Association to hold off on early renewals. This is due to concerns
    from the larger agencies that may have a volume that's too high for them
    to handle.

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