Where in Vegas is?
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Thread: Where in Vegas is?

  1. Where in Vegas is?

    The cheapest place to buy ammo and supplies?

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. Walmart. Bass Pro isn't too bad on ammo (expensive on everything else).

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    Wal-Mart is your best bet for a retailer. You can save a considerable amount by waiting for the next gun show at Cashman field. The next one is July 5-6.

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    The cheapest place to buy ammo and supplies?

    Thanks in advance!!
    It's pretty hard to beat Wal-Mart.

  6. I never thought about it, but its WalMart For the win!! Thanks all.

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    For the calibers and loads they stock, WalMart prices are unbeatable. Shop carefully for others.

    Example: Surplus (Chinese, Wolf, Silver Bear) 9X18 'Makarov' is about $13 a box at a dealer I frequent. The gunshop between my home and the $13 per box dealer only stocks US ammo and charges around $30 per box. If you can't find it at WalMart and don't want to bulk order, call around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bplv View Post
    I call BS. Residential neighborhood.
    1021 Misty Rose Ave Henderson, NV - Google Maps
    In other words, this place doesn't exist?

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