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    A little late in this thread.

    It's illegal to shoot in any of the southern metropolitan areas of Clark County. Boulder City has No Shooting signs posted all over US 93/95. It is strictly enforced. If BCPD catches you shooting within their jurisdiction expect a several hundred dollar cite and possibly your firearms being confiscated and destroyed. Here's the Clark County GIS Map for the no shooting zones.

    Basically you need to either be in BLM land or be far away from the greater Las Vegas area. It's a misdemeanor to be shooting within Mesquite city limits. Expect the same sort of treatment in Mesquite as Boulder City.

    Part of the reason the Clark County has tightened up on shooting is to force you to use a licensed range; one of those ranges being the Clark County Shooting Park which still has not opened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    For those of you who do go out shooting in the desert, what do you use as a backstop?
    Believe it or not, the desert isn't flat. It's full of mountains and valleys, gullies and washes, hills and breaks, natural berms, and lots of pretty rocks for ricochet fun. Oh yeah, snakes and scorpions are the icing on the cake.

    If you have the time and transportation, try coming out to Pahrump. We have a few places outside of town that people use for practice all the time. The one on the north end is free, but I sometimes feel squirmy there! The one on the south end near the county line is $30 a year with man made berms and with cowboy and pistol lanes and a rifle lane. Send me an email and I'll be happy to send you the details.

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