Directions on obtaining a non resident CCL
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Thread: Directions on obtaining a non resident CCL

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    Directions on obtaining a non resident CCL

    I live in OK and have a resident CCL for my home state. I am fortunate that most states to which I travel (except NV and DC which I know is not a state but you get the point), accept my OK license. While OK accepts NV's license, NV does not accept OK's. So to remedy this, I want to get a Nevada Non Resident CCL. Would somebody please direct me to a site that explains the procedure as well as the necessary actions on my part to get my license? Would my CCL class certificate for OK satisfy NV's requirement if there is one? I know NV is an open carry state, so maybe I will just open carry while there. But, I would rather not as you can conceal carry places that you can't open carry.

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    Oh yea I almost forgot. NV has a Blue Card (or did) that registered a weapon. Is it still necessary to have one, and does a non resident need to have one? If so, I will need direction on what I need to do for a Blue Card as well.

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    You would need to take a class in Nevada as they won't accept any other state's training. You also need to qualify with your gun on the range (you used to have to qualify with a revolver and a semi but I am believe now you just have to qualify with one now). Once you qualify on the range, and take your 8 hour class you can drop off the paperwork with the Sheriff where you will be photographed and fingerprinted. It can take up to 120 days to get issued a permit. When your permit is about to expire you will need to return to qualify again at the range, and take a 4 hour refresher class.

    If you aren't here for 60 days or more (I believe it is 60 days) then you don't have to worry about the blue card. NV doesn't have the blue card requirement, only Clark County does.

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    Thanks, maybe the next time the DAV has its convention in Vegas, I'll go early or stay a little longer and get my license then.

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