Since it’s been a year and new posts have arrived I felt I should post the outcome. The house is mine and paid for free and clear and yes my girlfriend is a keeper. After some soul searching and absorbing all the advice of forum members I decided to stand firm and keep my guns. My girlfriend finally agreed. Nothing is worth giving up the ability to protect my family. I have a grandson who is now four years old and comes to our home 2 days a week for us to watch while my daughter works and I did not want that POS here. Things have gotten physical between us in the past.
He was released last October to his grandmother’s (my girlfriends mother) house. He was instructed to never come to my house. He proceeded to knock up an eighteen year old girl who has since given birth this October. His probation was over in May and his true colors came out and this time my girlfriend saw it too. He demanded that we take in him and his girlfriend and when I refused he became violent. Drugs have taken over his life again. Neither of us wants anything to do with him anymore. He thinks he is punishing us by not letting us see the baby (you notice I didn’t refer to the baby as our grandson) and we don’t care. We do hope that his "girlfriend" has enough sense to hopefully dump him and take care of the baby properly. Welfare now has three new recipients but I believe that number will drop by one since it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a ward of the state again.
I would like to take this time to thank all of the forum member replies. God Bless all of you.