NV CCW class needed for week of 1/13/14
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Thread: NV CCW class needed for week of 1/13/14

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    NV CCW class needed for week of 1/13/14

    A small group of instructors will be in Las Vegas for the SHOT show and are interested in obtaining the NV CCW permit. Looking for a class or to arrange a small group session to attend on Wednesday or Thursday of that week. Who would you suggest we contact? Yes, I have looked at the list of instructors on the site but wanted to see who to specifically seek out (or who to avoid).

    Is there a way to resource a NV specific list of classes?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help!
    Rochester Personal Defense

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    try ccwmaggie
    Homeland Personal Protection
    I got my ccw before I knew about her so in the interest of full discosure, I did not take her class. However, my wife and 4-5 friends took her class. All highly recommend her.

  4. Dave
    Below are a couple of option, I have worked with all of them and they are great people.
    Kevin McNair at Tactical West (tacticalwest.com) 702-866-0078
    Jeff Frichette at Range 702 (therange702.com) 702-485-3232
    Bill Schwarz at Safety First Firearm Training (safetyfirstfirearmtraining.com) 702-361-5455

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