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    Thanks again for your info "netentity".

    Although we've changed our insurance to NV, it does not go into effect until Feb. 1

    We're using the same insurance company and our proof of insurance in CA is still good until Feb. 1

    Therefore, I believe all bases are covered at the moment.

    I stayed up all last night unpacking the minimal items (large items done!) and fell asleep early this morning.

    So, I missed going to the Gun Show.

    I'm planning on getting a good nights rest tonight so I can go to the Show at 9am and be home in time for the NFL Playoffs.

    Any reports regarding the Gun Show from anyone?
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    I haven't searched this site for references to this, but if you still want to see OC in Vegas, there is a big meet and greet scheduled for this Sun, 5/17.

    Organised through and, and will be an OC trash pick-up next to NLVPD station.

    Meet at Buffalo Wild Wings, West Craig at 11am.

    Go to to find out more.

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