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    Firearm for sale.

    I will put this in the NH forum to give my fellow stater's fist crack at it then after a week I will repost into the main classified forums. But if you are not from NH you can still contact me about the said item as long as your not from a restricted state. I have for sale a Smith and Wesson military and police 9mm compact with thumb safety's with two twelve round mags both have finger extensions base plates. The firearm comes with hard carrying case that can be locked all paper work and gun lock. I am also selling with this firearm as a package deal as follows. Raven concealment holster that is both OWB/IWB a Blade-Tech IWB holster and a Custom leather UBG OWB holster and a Blade-Tech double mag pouch,TLR-3 weapon light with all paper work and rail keys so it can be mounted on other firearms. If it's a NH buyer I will throw in two boxes of JP gold dots. Looking for 475 as a package deal do not wish to part out just yet. If it turns out that a out of stater wants the package it must be shipped to your FFL and will only be shipped same day. PM for photos of everything. This is a steal of a deal.


  3. is this deal still being offered?

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    I would like to see a picture of it Carry On.

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