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  1. Non US Citizen in NH

    I have been a permanent legal resident of New Hampshire for the last two years. I am a citizen of the UK living here on a ‘Green Card’. I have shot for many years in competition and have a full class 1 firearm permit for the UK. It was very hard to get as gun legislation in the UK is completely messed up. I hated having to sell my gun collection as I couldn’t import it with me but the move was the right thing to do, as I love living in NH.

    Having not shot for two years due to bad information (being told I couldn’t as I was not a citizen) I am now trying to get back into my sport but I am being given a lot of conflicting advise ranging from forget it to no problem.

    Can anyone tell me?

    Do I have to have a hunting license to fit into the loophole of gun ownership as I’m not a US citizen yet or is my ‘more than 90 days permanent residency’ sufficient?

    The Police department has not processed my CCW application in the 14 days. Is this normal or are they likely to tell me to forget it until I’m a citizen.

    Many thanks.

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    That's a good question, I don't know the answer but looked at SC Hunting License and it says you must show residence of 180 days to get Hunting License.

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    There is nothing fast about NH. It took a couple of months when I renewed my out of State Permit.

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    never had that problem ..

    I can understand your pain , when all is said and done the Police Chief has the last say . I have had mine for over 30 yrs. and it never took more then 2 to 3 wks . Having a hunting license and belonging to NRA and gun club won't hurt . But you being a somewhat newbee in the country and the crap thats going on in the world don't help you @ all . But don't give up , the best come to those how wait !!!!!

  6. CCW permit and hunting license

    I am a green card holder and have lived in the USA since 1995. It was not a problem to obtain a CCW license. I am sure that there are plenty of indoor ranges around where you live. Go there and meet other gun owners. You can also join the NRA and other groups that are on twitter. There is a lot of exchange of information going on and it is helpful to read the postings. Good luck!

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    By law in NH they have 14 days to respond. Have you called or are you just waiting to hear from them? I got mine in the mail 12 days after I applied. I can't remember if they asked for my citizenship, just place of birth and current residency. Do you have a NH drivers license? Because thats the only required form of ID for a NH resident license, SSN is optional.

  8. I have been calling to check on the progress for the CCW but I don’t want to tick them off so I’m being very polite and understanding (on the outside). Hopefully I am just a bit over sensitive about the whole thing as my previous experiences in the UK were like jumping through hoops of fire. This will really be the best Christmas present NH could give me this year. I have enrolled at the Sig Sauer Academy in January for their CCW course as I don’t need a permit to attend. That will be the first shots I have fired in nearly three years. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I will post an update as soon as I get any news.

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    Logic would dictate that if you PUSH them on the 14 days, well.. you can assume what the answer will be.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

  10. It’s now nearly 4 weeks since my application for the permit with no luck. I have spoken to the receptionist at the police station and found out that the Chief is the only person that can issue the permit and he decided not to work before Christmas. I want his job LOL. I had to breakdown and pay for additional record checks at the Sig Academy which was a bit annoying as they wouldn’t have been required if the permit had been issued. I still have my fingers crossed for the New Year.

  11. A good way to start the New Year

    I was driving past the police station today and thought ‘hay I’ll just go in and ask’. To my amazement they said yep it’s ready. I paid my $10 and am now sitting with my new Pistol / Revolver License. I have to say they were very nice about everything. All my anxiety was probably due to having been trough the UK system of firearms licensing which is very involved and a bit messed up. I have been shooting for many years so it’s such a relief to be considered an adult again. I just need the courage to tell my wife that I’m about to start spending money rebuilding my collection

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