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  1. From CT to NH

    I'll be coming north this weekend and wanted to know if I can bring my pistol with me. I'll be staying with a friend in a motel and I would like to go shooting while we are up there. She is from Cali and doesn't get to have such fun.

    So will I be breaking the law if I bring my pistol with me? How should I transport it? Any other considerations?

  3. New Hampshire is an open carry state and it is not uncommon. However, a permit is required in order to possess a loaded handgun in a vehicle, regardless of whether or not it is visible or concealed.

    TRANSPORT- Keep your unloaded firearm separate from your ammunition and locked in a compartment or trunk ~ Optional cable or trigger lock. Alternatively keep it on your front seat unloaded with the action open with no magazine ~ magazines should be empty and separated. Nothing in the glove box


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    If you go thru NYC or even any part of NY State there is no reciprocity with any states and same transportation rules apply. Mass. is a very anti-gun state too. Take good care to follow the rules to a Tee.
    True or not I have heard that even a stop for gas or a meal is considered a break in "traveling through" in NYC and Massachusetts.

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    Make sure that you follow the requirements as set forth by the Firearms Owners Protection Act during transport. DO NOT GO THROUGH NYC or NJ at all. Not worth the aggravation or possible legal actions against you if it is found in your vehicle. To many case's of those being charged with unlawful transport, detainment and court processes. All to be found not guilty, after it has cost you several thousand dollars worth in defense fee's.

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