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Hey everybody,
Thanks for all the advice! So i've given it a while, it's a clone of the crossbreed I got off ebay, but horsehide, nice enough, still haven't found the magic number. I can't really carry shoulder harness, which would be my preferred. I think i'm just going to have to find a smaller pistol for daily. I can shoot ambidexterously so I tried the small of the back and that is most comfortable, but even with a solid leather gun belt, she starts riding low and suddenly i'm printing both the weapon and my gigantic ass crack :).
Take a look at UBG Holsters I have used him for years now. My first holster when I started carrying at age 21 was from him, I have never been let down, Nate is an outstanding guy and former Marine. Secondly take a look at 5.11 tactical operator belt, 5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4" Wide Tactical Belt | Official 5.11 Site. I have used it for years and it's outstanding, stiff nylon with a PVC insert, can be used as a harness if you really needed it to be and it has a load limit of 6,000 pounds. Unless your a 5 or 6 XL, they have you covered all the way up to 4XL. I have always been told small of the back carry is risky, as should you ever fall while your gun is in that position you could damage your spin. But if that is the only place you can carry go for it.

I have Carried a Full-size S&WM&P 9mm on this belt, M&P compact 9mm, M&P compact 40cal, 1911 commander style, Glock 23, a Sig P229, Glock 21 and soon to be a Glock 19. Most of the firearms had a tactical light mounted on the rail and some had Crimson trace grips, followed by two spare mags on the left side, or one mag and a surefire light in a Galco holster. The belt doesn't sag with all that weight, and it stays put on my hips for the most part.

What part of New Hampshire are you from?