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  1. Thinking about moving...

    Hey guys,

    I live in CT and was recently rejected from the police department i've been wanting to get into for a long time. Noone else is really hiring and the ones that are, have such a long wait between phases that I might not bother. New Hampshire seems to sound better and better to me and my girlfriend. I've never really been a good fit in CT anyways. I get nasty alergies, I just don't get along well with the people, and I'm looking for a change.

    My question is, what's great about living in NH? I've read the laws, heard the stories, but I'm looking for some residents to fill me in on what they like about their state. Also, how easy is it to get a decent paying job up there?

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    Hey, Stratus. Take a drive to New Haven!

    I am unsure about hiring targets, but they were really looking for more officers late last year. Although I, like you, am eyeballing New Hampshire a lot harder lately.
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    I just moved to NH, but I had a job lined up before the move. My fiance will be looking for a job when she gets here, so I will know better how the market is then.

    Check out the Free State Project. They are a good group of people who WILL help you out with anything you might need or want if they can.


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    Go and once You get there, sign in and then go to the NH thread and You will find EVERYTHING You want to know about NH, best place to live; where not to live; taxes; school's; jobs; etc.
    For LEO openings, You can also check and scroll down till You find the New England states and click on NH. There You will find postings of LEO jobs IF avalible.
    Good luck.
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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