New Hampshire non resident permit processing time now 7 weeks
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Thread: New Hampshire non resident permit processing time now 7 weeks

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    New Hampshire non resident permit processing time now 7 weeks

    I called today regarding my N.H. non resident permit and the nice recording stated they were at 7 weeks processing time now due to the high demand. Guess I have a few more weeks to go...

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    I am playing the waiting game also. mailed mine on 2/28

  4. I mailed my renewal in on 1/26 and have not heard anything. Check has not been cashed and when I called 2 weeks ago, the nice lady said to check back in 3 weeks if I had not gotten it. Guess they are really running behind.

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    Last Friday marked 8 weeks since they should have received my application so I called again to check on the status. I was told they are now out to 10 weeks for out of state permit request...

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    Starting to Worry

    I sent off for my non-res. Feb. 4 and have not recieved mine.
    I didn't send a check but a money order instead.
    don't know if that made a difference.

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    It took about 7 weeks for mine to arrive and that was two years ago. I sent a MO rather than a check so it really doesn't matter on that.

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    Patience is a virtue. I mailed mine on 4-14-09.

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    It took 20 bucks & 10 Days from mailing the check and receiving the license, back in 2007. Maybe word is spreading fast about getting a Non-Res in NH.

  10. Mailed my renewal application on 1/26 and received the permit today on 4/30.
    Looks like 3 months is about the processing time now.

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    I mailed mine around the end of January and have yet to see it nor has my check been cashed. Looking at the timing I am hopeful it will show up in the mail next week.

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