Using hollowpoints in self defense at home.
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Thread: Using hollowpoints in self defense at home.

  1. Using hollowpoints in self defense at home.

    I know this hollowpoint question has been asked many times before. If an individual has a legal handgun that they purchased in the state of NJ. , and they have hollowpoints in that gun that is in there home can they use that gun and ammo for home defense?

  3. From what I am told it is ILLEGAL to own HP's in the state of NJ unless your LEO

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    Geezzz! NJ just flat out sucks! Hollow point bullets are actually safer when used inside of a home! Safer for other family members that may be inside the home, not so much for the bad guy.

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    Thus a person may purchase this ammunition and keep it within the confines of his property. Sub section f (1) further exempts from the prohibited possession of hollow nose ammunition "persons engaged in activities pursuant to N.J.S.A 2C:39-6f. . . ."
    N.J.S.A 26:39-3f. (1).

    If I read the NJ law correctly, you are allowed HP's in your home. Besides, if you shoot a home invader with your JHP's, you did so to protect not only your family, but also the people in the next home, or apartment. Ball, or FMJ will penetrate more then JHP's. You will have plenty of splainin to do, if you use your firearm in any area not designated for firearm use in the people's republic of new jersey. Even if you were protecting your family's life against a deadly threat, you will be in deep doo doo. The libtards are more worried about the poor, underprivileged, person of poverty perpetrator who was shot down in his prime by one of them evil firearm owners. I suspect that unless it is stopped. New Jersey will be among the first states, to out right ban any, and every firearm. The only people that will be allowed, are cops, and of course the poor criminals. IMO, the NRA is the only group with any chance of stopping these class A morons.

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