New law ? doubt it.
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Thread: New law ? doubt it.

  1. New law ? doubt it.

    N.J. senator pushes law allowing residents to carry handguns |

    If you can't click on it copy and paste it.

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    I read that, surprisingly a Democrat behind that bill. I highly doubt it will happen. This is NJ, one of the most liberal, anti-gun states.

  4. I actually think this may pass... first you need the background check, safety cert. , use of force cert. , and qualifying shots = around $400 then add a sike eval for renewal = $250??

    so for argument sake; lets say,with the annual pre-requesit training fee's ,
    (noting the bill states renewal is the same as initial, ie training certs.,BC checks,photo's)
    I think its safe to assume a carry permit (the bill doesnt specify ccw) fee of $500
    plus the $650 for training certs. means a yearly cost of over a $1,000...

    it's gun control over the blue collar workers of nj goes to money; except in this case
    its guns for the wealthy....others will argue, "pass it first then fight the cost" but human nature will
    take over and the people that dont agree with the cost but go for it anyway wont help the ones who cant afford it...." I got mine, screw the rest" ....

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    If he really wanted to help out..he could put a move on A 1384 and S 69

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    I guess New Jersey would be quicker to consider it if it were expensive enough. Nothing like being blinded by money.
    Assuming the above numbers, $1000 may be too rich for my blood. Gotta pay the mortgage!

  7. a firearm safety course is $125,a use of force course is $135, backgrnd check is $60
    u need 4 photos (2 frnt,2 side) $25 ?..written exam $ ??...a little over $300 to get started...
    when you renew; a verifiable sike eval is required....maybe another $125 or more??
    and thats every yeah, its about a grand to carry if he gets his way...NJCSD Forums
    check the link above to read how to help push for a1384 and s69'll like it...
    .it lists names and adress's of the ones that will push it ....
    we have to strike while the iron is hot because they are willing to discuss it now...

    the link wont work right so just go to the non-member general discussion link and read "letter of response" post

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    CWP in NJ

    I highly doubt any law will pass that will allow anyone but LEO carry a hand gun in NJ.
    I was a New Jersey State Trooper and left the outfit early after a troop car accident. After I was out I applied for a CCP and they laughed at the PD where I applied.. They took the application and placed it in a drawer for a year. Finally a superior court judge called the PD and demanded they issue my permit. Needless to say they were not happy and placed so many restrictions on the permit it looked like a small book. During the time I had it they would check me every time they saw me to see if they could catch my in violation of one of the restrictions which would give them cause to revoke it. When it expired in 3 yrs I moved to a different county to renew and they told me, “Don’t even think about it”
    In NJ Cops only want Cops to have guns I don't see it changing soon.
    Born, raised in NJ and served as a NJ State Trooper and I foundly refer to it as the Peoples Republic of NJ.

  9. sux you went through that bs but ...yes there is hopeCase docket: MULLER et al v. MAENZA et al

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    The insanity you mentioned does not surprise me in this state. Unfortunately for non-law enforcement citizens of NJ, I don't see it changing any time soon. The sad thing is, I work in law enforcement in NJ and it seems like most of the guys I work with don't carry off-duty.

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