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    I am planning requesting a CCW permit for NJ even though I know I will get denied. The NJARPC has filed a lawsuit in NJ, but I think applying will make a statement for my values. I also plan on apply for an Utah Non Resident as well. My issue is I moved so in order to purchase or even begin the process I wanted to get my address changed. So I put in all the paper work on 11/21/10 and still to this I don't have my address change Firearms ID Card. I emailed a few times and the officer in charge and when he got back to me he said I can pick it up before 6:30. When I got to the police station an officer said he wasn't available and I have to attempt to pick it up on the weekend. Very similar to the email verbiage.

    Has anyone heard of almost 10 weeks waiting for an address change? I mean my original card took 6 months, but this is absolutely crazy. Is there anything I can do?

    Sorry about the off topic post, but I am frustrated with this state.

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    f. Granting of permit or identification card;
    fee; term; renewal; revocation. The application
    for the permit to purchase a handgun together
    with a fee of $2.00, or the application for the firearms
    purchaser identification card together with
    a fee of $5.00, shall be delivered or forwarded to
    the licensing authority who shall investigate the
    same and, unless good cause for the denial
    thereof appears, shall grant the permit or the
    identification card, or both, if application has
    been made therefor, within 30 days from the
    date of receipt of the application for residents of
    this State and within 45 days for nonresident applicants.
    A permit to purchase a handgun shall
    be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of
    issuance and may be renewed by the issuing
    authority for good cause for an additional 90
    days. A firearms purchaser identification card
    shall be valid until such time as the holder be

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    Your PD is in violation of State Law, if they take longer than 30 days

  5. What is the penalty? I told the Police Dept. in my township the same thing, after waiting for 11 weeks for a pistol permit and they just shrugged. I have gone through this 6 times in the past 3 years and no change. So Good Luck!!

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    The way I understand address change is basically a "reapply"...and they take their sweet time either way.

    If beyond 30 days...somebody needs to push the issue...maybe thru a lawsuit or something similari

  7. there was a case in the courts over the 30 day rule and the court decided the PD can take as long as they need no matter what the law typically takes upto 30 days to get the mental health form back, 2 weeks for the fed/state checks ..after that the the local pd starts their invest..ask to speak to the chief and if that does'nt work talk to the mayor....mine took awhile because my references waited or forgot to mail the ref. form back, then the chief went on vacation for a month....but i've known some to get them in 2 weeks in a town next to me...

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    I feel your pain as a resident of the penal colony of NJ. Good luck with your carry permit application, though I would recommend against it. As far as your ID card change, try calling the officer again and ask for a mutual time to come pick it up. If he responds with "just come by any time," give him a time that you can be there and ask for who will be on duty at that time who can handle it.

    If you still get the run around, you can do one of two things. When I faced similar problems, I went to my mayor's office and filed a complaint against the police department; I stated the unreasonable length of time as well as NJ's statute to have such documents produced in 30 days (2C: 58-3 (f)). Two days later, I got a call telling me I could pick up my ID card and purchase permits.

    The other thing you may consider, as I was told by a police officer in my town, is that you can file a complaint with the state attorney general's office. I don't know if this works, but he insists that the police will always back down if they receive a call from Trenton that demands an explanation.

  9. Luckily it was made available to me the day my new Rock River LAR-15 came in. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I am also thinking about my getting another pistol and I wish I just submitted the pistol permit paperwork at the same time :(

    I am not going to apply for a Conceal Carry... WHEN I move out of this state I maybe asked if I was denied one prior. Thanks everyone one with your thoughts. I will probably use some of this feedbak if I have issues with my pistol permit.

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