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    Question on Hi-Cap Mags

    Are they illegal to own, or just to carry? I've got a guy looking to buy a gun off me who's a NJ resident. Gun comes w/2 16rd mags. I don't have his FFL's info yet. But figured the answer might not be honest since he would loose the sale on new mags.

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    those mags are not legal in jersey. 15 is the limit.

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    I hate letting the anti's control the terms.

    Most of these magazines they scream about are "Standard Capacity."


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    If I sent the gun to a NJ FFL would they confiscate them? I don't want to loose the sale, If it's up to the resident I'm ok with shipping them. I just don't want to be charged with "smuggling" in a banned mag. I'm originally from MA so I know how temperamental that crap can be.

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    the gun may not even be legal in nj bud,if i where you i would find another buyer

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    ^^^Unless it's an assault weapon (defined by NJ law), you shouldn't have any worries about the legality of the gun itself. The FFL you ship it to would have to confiscate any magazines over 15 rounds. Or, you could keep them yourself and send two magazines with lower capacity (which is likely what the FFL would do anyway, then resell them to someone who can legally have them).

    If it's a handgun, there aren't any NJ laws that I can find that prohibit handguns based on action type or anything else, unlike certain states that ban Glock-style pistols.

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    Since you will lose the mags anyway I would send the gun without mags. I would then buy some 10 rounders since I would bet money that the 15 round limit will die soon.

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