transporting handgun while in NJ
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Thread: transporting handgun while in NJ

  1. transporting handgun while in NJ

    I have to take a training class for work, and unfortunately it is in NJ.
    I live in TX.

    My plans are to fly to Newark on a Monday and fly back to Houston on Friday. I am attending an event in Houston on Saturday, so my wife is driving down after work Friday night to the hotel and we will stay overnight. I will be taking a cab to the hotel and be without a vehicle for a few hours until my wife gets to the hotel later in the evening after work. I would like to walk to the store for a snack after I get checked into the hotel, but I would feel much more comfortable walking around Houston with my gun at my side.

    I have a legally obtained weapon and I have a TX concealed carry permit.

    Can I legally transport my weapon and ammo to NJ, keeping it locked and unloaded at all times, so I will have it with me when I return to TX and have it with me to walk around for the few hours I will be without my vehicle?

    I am carpooling with a co-worker and he is driving his daughter's beater. I suppose I could hide it and leave it in his car, but I'm not too keen on leaving a $1000 gun. I doubt anything would happen because the car is not anything spectacular, but just the thought of it makes me prefer not to go this route if I can help it.

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    It's not worth it my friend. The TSA in Newark will alert port authority police and they are a bunch of pricks. Regardless of federal laws that you may be following they will most likely detain you at the very least or worse. If you try it you had better be sure your gun is legal in nj-not high cap. capable no hollow points ect. Good luck you will need it.

  4. I probably won't risk it then...
    Don't know why they have to have training in NJ anyway... :(

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    Since New Jersey is a destination for you, and since your possession of the firearm would be illegal in New Jersey, there is no law that will protect you.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Not worth it at all. Nj is the armpit of the world. I'm a former 20 + year resident. Even if you transport it within the tsa's regs your biggest problem is transporting it to and from your training. The only valid acceptable reasons to transport a firearm in a vehicle in nj are 1 from the place of purchase to your residence 2 to and from a gun club or target practice 3 to and from your place of buiness 4 while transporting the weapon through the state to another state according to federal transportation regs anything other then those reasons can get you jammed up. Oh and please dont even think about transporting hollow points they are only to be used in the home or for target practice. Good luck under the armpit. Lol

  7. Glad I live in TX :)

  8. new jersey

    Do not even think about a gun in Jersey .They are ******** .left the state in 67 . Move to Nv. Much better.

  9. I don't even want to go there for my training class, let alone live there. I would never move there, ever.

    I love Gov. Christie as much as the next guy, but I would never move to that state. He has to change a whole lot more for it to be appealing to me.

    In TX I stay...with my hollow points.

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    i would avoid the risk of travelling at night.prevention is better than cure click here

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