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    I had in fact thought that I would never set foot in NJ, ever, but circumstances dictate that I will be there for a week.

    Sometimes we have little control of these issues.

    Trust me, I wouldn't be going there by choice.

  3. WOW glad I don't live in NJ. Do they also tell you which hand you must wipe with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Macklin View Post
    A few expanding bullets are not HP and will expand just fine. There are many jurisdictions with strange gun and bullet laws. Topeka Kansas doesn't allow plastic tipped bullets,

    Federal Premium Expanding Full Metal Jacket Ammunition is an ideal choice for law enforcement agencies that don't permit hollow point ammunition.
    That is no longer the case in Topeka. I was involved in getting that law rescinded.

    EFMJ was what I carried in my Glock 19 last year when I had to take a trip to NJ.

    According to the NJSP Firearms section, EFMJ, Cor Bon PowerBall and Hornady Critical Defense are all legal in NJ.

    Previously I could carry in NJ as an out of state LEO, under HR218, but could not carry JHP ammo or magazines with a capacity greater than 15 rounds.

    I went with my Glock loaded with 124gr +P EFMJ (the 105gr stuff I would specifically not recommend) and my S&W 642 loaded with wadcutters. At that time I knew EFMJ was legal as I had contacts who were retired NJ LE who were carrying that ammo. I later found out that the other two rounds were also legal.

    You can still be very well armed in NJ with using illegal ammo under NJ law.

    This year an update to HR218/LEOSA was passed that nullified the NJ ammo issue for our of state and retired LE.

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    i heard from two organizations in nj say we can use them at the range and for home defense but can't carry them around…….doesn't make sense if we can't carry to begin with
    but if you where to shoot an intruder with a HP he is now in possession of a HP and can be charged so

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    Quote Originally Posted by MateMike View Post
    I don't mean to be ignorant, but what is L.E.O.S.A. ??
    If you qualify under The Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act you can carry in all 50 states. You need to look it up and see if it applies to you. Then you need to find a place to go qualify with and get a card saying you qualified with your everyday carry gun. You must qualify yearly and only carry what you have qualified with. You can qualify at your old department or in the state you reside. You must carry with you the qualification card and your retired ID when you CCW.

    US 18 44-926C (LEOSA) includes "(2) ammunition not expressly progibited by Federal law or subject to the provisions of the National firearms Act"
    "Lets Be Careful Out There!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by longnkrnchgm View Post
    WOW glad I don't live in NJ. Do they also tell you which hand you must wipe with?
    Ssshhhh they might hear you!

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    Mate mike, you can return to NY and qualify there if you like. HR-218 states you can qualify in the state you retire from or the state you now reside. NJ is a hassle because they still have special permit you have to apply for thru NJSP each year.

  9. We moved out 25 years ago, enough of the traffic, transplanted NYer's, high taxes and all of the stupid laws. Now with all of the anti gun laws being passed we do not even like to go back to visit family. Usually we stay in PA and just drive into NJ to visit and return to the hotel in PA that evening.

    With regards to the hollow points, I take it that Federal Guard Dog would be OK, but what about Hornady Critical Duty or Critical Defense?
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    Just returned from 'visiting' NJ. I moved out 25 yrs ago also. We stopped in a store in Bound Brook. (Efingers) The guy in the gun dept. pulled out a box HP's and said you can have them in your home or going to and from the range. If one falls onto the floor of your car and a cop finds it....you have now become a felon. Moving, one of the 'best' moves I've ever done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Vegas View Post
    I don't understand why they would rather you didn't carry HP's. Just from a safety stand point, their less likely to penetrate the bad guy and continue downrange into some other poor bastard walking his dog.

    I just don't see the logic these " powers that be" go by....
    Because the idiot lawmakers in NJ, who have no understanding of firearms at all, think a hollow point bullet looks scary, and is only design to do more damage to a person and kill them.. so of course, they are only used by bad guys and must be banned for the safety of the children!
    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
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