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  1. I fail to understand why anyone would want to open carry unless hunting.

    To me it's like shouting to a BG; "I'm armed, shoot me first!"

    Not to mention the grief you will get from LEO's.

  3. Before I received my CCW in the mail I open carried in the city. Mostly housing tracks and main roads. I didnt like it and one day a pitbull came running up to me and my dog and when I yelled and kicked the dog it ran away. I almost pulled and am just glad that I had it with me.

    If it is necessary to open carry do it until you get your CCW.

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    Urban Open Carry in New Mexico

    The element of suprise is the advantage of Concealed Carry in an urban environment. With Open Carry in a city you as a civilian and not a LEO become the instant target for bad things.

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    For some open carry is the only was to carry a weapon IE not a US citerzn so can not get a CCW in New Mexico the way I know is because I am not a US citerzn yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander_Cob View Post
    I think open-carry is best left to hiking in the wilderness. Some of you might have law enforcement training, but I'd be worried about some thug grabbing at my gun in any urban setting. I'm not very big and have no training and its not worth shooting someone nor letting a thug run off with my gun.
    I hear this argument all the time. What I haven't heard, is this actually happening. Extensive searches return ZERO results. I have to conclude this is another urban myth. While I don't normally carry open, this is not the reason. Among my customers in a small town, are too many antis. It just isn't worth the potential hassle for them to see me "out and about".

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    It's a good point you make. Often many of these issues are urban legends. I must say that I would not open-carry primarily because it would upset too many folks, but also I think open-carry does make you a target for any gun wielding maniac.

    Who do you shoot? Everyone shoots the guy with the gun. Open-carry just seems counter-intuitive.

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    I love snakes, bloody big long fat mean looking bastards, yet should I plonk my ass into a nice classy diner and open my huge burlap bag & out slithers my boa, have I caused distress to anyone or cleared the joint in under 10 secs flat? No, IMHO, I have just shown off my pet to fellow snake lovers, the place has to be full of them right? I'll let the kids play with it so they too can learn to love the wonderful pet I have. Anyone seen little Billy lately?
    **** I'll be the center of everyone's praise and admiration for sure!
    Or have I just been a stupid twat and should have left it at home in it's nice cage munch-a-bunching tasty big fat mice. Doesn't take a PhD to join-the-dots to open pistol carry same (fear) concept. BTW a boa is not poisonous nor does it shoot HP rounds. They make great pets but they also cause panic when you take it for trip to Dennys & order a chopped mouse omlette with a side of rat-fries! Don't believe me, try that for kicks one day and tell your local LEO's in a very threatening tone as they cuff U and shoot your boa 2 bits that U DO plan on reporting them to the NSPCA...BY GOD!!!

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    While I prefer to CC, I have no problem with OC and would certainly do so if the mood struck me. When will the mood strike me? Who knows? I was invited to a group OC event but my state requires a permit and mine expired in October so just waiting untilo it renews now.

    Maybe next month, I'll find one of the events and participate in a public education session.

    The New Hampshire OC links on YouTube are interesting to watch and certainly resulted in at least 4 NH officers learning that there was absolutely nothing wrong with OC in NH.

    Without OC, we just slow down the public awareness that guns, in and of themselves, are nothing to be afraid of.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    Exclamation Open Carry in Grocery Store?

    Quote Originally Posted by Magistrate PO View Post
    I was just curious is any of you had any experance with open carry in an urban setting? Since New Mexico is an open carry state and most people do not take advantage of it. I have not tried it myself, I always carrey concealed, have carried openly out in the country on numerious occasions, as well as the the range and back. Have known several people that did open carry regularly, seems the first thing they notice is that they get stopped by every cop that sees them, who then runs thier names to check for warrants, until they are satisfied that they are not terrorist, or criminals then they do not pay any more attention to them. It does get them some strange looks at the grocery store. Any experances anyone want to share?

    You may want to be careful with this one in New Mexico. I am pretty sure the only allowance to carry in an establishment that sells alchohol is in the concealed carry act and for an establishment that does not sell for consumption on premisis. I'm not a lawyer but make sure you read the statutes carefully so you don't lose your right.

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