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  1. Open carry?

    I was just curious is any of you had any experance with open carry in an urban setting? Since New Mexico is an open carry state and most people do not take advantage of it. I have not tried it myself, I always carrey concealed, have carried openly out in the country on numerious occasions, as well as the the range and back. Have known several people that did open carry regularly, seems the first thing they notice is that they get stopped by every cop that sees them, who then runs thier names to check for warrants, until they are satisfied that they are not terrorist, or criminals then they do not pay any more attention to them. It does get them some strange looks at the grocery store.
    Any experances anyone want to share?

  3. Not any personel ones but I remember last year there were these 2 brothers in Idaho over in Post Falls, that is right near the Wa. state border. They were always carrying open. It caused a bit of a stir with the media and they were saying well it is legal and we are just exercising our legal right to do so. Even so I bet they got to know the local officers all by name. I think in a small town or in the country you would be alright eventually. A setting where you get to know most of the residents by name but any sizable town and you would have no fun going around open like that. It would be to much of a hassel with LEO's. I can see their point to. I think it is just common sense to not carry open in an urban environment. However out in the woods or going to and from a range or on your own property I think it makes sense.
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    I personally always carry concealed. I had a friend with me who decided to do the "open carry" thing once while we were in Santa Fe. A police officer stopped us while we were walking down the street. Gave my friend a bunch of grief about it may be legal, but may get him stopped by law enforcement and how he can get into trouble with anti-gun folks. The lecture went on for several minutes, when the cop realized that I might be carrying concealed. The cop asked me if I was carrying and I told him where it was. The guy asked for my permit and id. I then got a lecture about not informing him that I was carrying when he stopped us. Not wanting to get into trouble, I apologized. He went on for several minutes that I was "lucky" that he didn't run us both in for a slew of what seemed to be made up charges. I figured that it was best that we let him flap his gums and get it out of his system. A couple of minutes later a call came in over the radio, the cop told us we were free to go, and we were on our way.

    I'm no longer friends with the guy that was traveling with me. I don't like being hassled by LEO. Even after this incident, the guy insisted in carrying open.

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    I wouldn't want anyone knowing that I was armed.
    Rule #1 of CCW: Don't get made.

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    Open carry or concealed? One of those "both sides are right" statements, but not every where. Something about "discretion is the better part of valor", at least to some. It is good that NM has both open carry and concealed carry - each in its' place, IMHO. One imposing local fella carries open all the time - and has inked on the leading part of his holster "Because I Can". Obviously, he is tired of answering "why are you carrying a gun?" questions. I have no desire to carry open, other than qualifying, practice, or in the back country (just one sight of cougar tracks bigger than my hand, in the sandy road I'm walking, and you wouldn't get me out there unarmed! - been twice now). With a "No Discharge of Firearms in the City Limits" law, seems counter productive to be carrying open in town (concealed is concealed).

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    and has inked on the leading part of his holster "Because I Can". Obviously, he is tired of answering "why are you carrying a gun?" questions.
    Not that I'm a huge Open Carry advocate, but that is some great stuff!
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    I think the crime rate would go to zero with open carry.

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    When I first moved here 6+ years ago I did the open carry thing. The only time I know of anything negative was one night after I moved into my new house. I took my dog out for a walk around "her" new place. An older lady was in front of her house and called to the husband that I had a gun on me. That was all. Due to small packs of dogs that run loose around here I always carried to protect myself and my dog from them.

    Now with the CCW it is rare that I carry openly.

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    I think open-carry is best left to hiking in the wilderness. Some of you might have law enforcement training, but I'd be worried about some thug grabbing at my gun in any urban setting. I'm not very big and have no training and its not worth shooting someone nor letting a thug run off with my gun.

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    I don't open carry. I prefer that no one knows that I have a firearm.

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