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    Hey 505....575

    Im a new member at this site. I live in Clovis, Just thought I would pop in and say hello to the other New Mexicans.

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    Well I am not from New Mexico but I will say high from Texas.
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  4. Welcome!

    Welcome RDW. Alway nice to have new members to the group. Check out Patriot Arm range north of Clovis.:)

  5. Correction

    I should not try to type so fast, as I should have stated Patriot Outdoors arms range

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    lol...thats ok....I know what you were talking about

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    Well I am not from New Mexico either but I will say "Hi" from Florida.
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    Nice to see you. I live in the greater Clovis/Portales metroplex. I've got a membership at Patriot so there's a good chance I'll see you around. My avatar picture was taken out at Patriot.

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    New Mexico

    Hi! From Santa Teresa/El Paso.

    We need more New Mexico people here!

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    Welcome from the Four Corners area - as said in another post, we need numbers. We also need ideas to improve our CCW statutes in-state. January 2009 is our next chance to make legislative changes, and we need to start soon to get our representatives and senators working on reasonable (read - changes that are possible to get passed) improvements/changes. Consider how you could make it better. :)

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