Ruidoso is in deep trouble
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Thread: Ruidoso is in deep trouble

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    Ruidoso is in deep trouble


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    I really enjoy going to Ruidoso, I go there at least once a year. Not anymore until this changes. Plain and simple unless they get that guy out of there. Clearly this is against the NM and US constitution and the Mayor is a fruitcake and needs to go.

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    The Mayor is a moron & should be arrested for abuse of power.
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  5. He's obviously unfit for public office.

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    This article sheds a little more light on it.

    Citizens argue Mayor's ban on guns | Ruidoso, N.M. | KRQE News 13

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    It appears he is saying it is just public buildings not walking down the street.

  8. My understanding is it's what the law actually says, not what he says it means that matters; especially since as a new law it hasn't been adjudicated.

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    Raised 20 miles north of there, can't imagine this guy will get re-elected.
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