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    CCW Instructor time

    I just mailed off my application and course outline to become a CCW instructor. Curious to know the turnaround time. Not in a big rush, as I do have my license so I can carry.

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    I'm curious. Exactly what do you mean by CCW Instructor. Being an NRA Certified Instructor qualifies you most if not all of the time. What class did you take, from whom, and what credentials are you waiting for? Part of that answer might be evident if you told us what state you are seeking certification in. Thanks!

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    Since he posted in the NM forum, I would assume he is referring to NM. The answer depends I have seen it take as few as five days for an established instructor that has at least a few years of teaching to more than a year for an individual that still has not gotten his. He sent in his application as soon as he received his NRA Certs and has had his syllibus rejected 3 times that I know of.

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    UPDATE: I checked the New Mexico DPS site today and saw my name on the approved ccw instructor list!!

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