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    Even if the sign is not posted in the correct place and the dimensions of the sign don't comply with the law, it doesn't change the fact that the management or whoever makes store policy, doesn't want you carrying there. Go spend your money somewhere else.

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  3. I already go to Albertson's all I can, and my wife hates it! LOL!

  4. I've haven't seen any of those sign here in Washington yet, I'm not worry about it because I CC anyway and have you every notice some of the people that go to Wal-Mart, it's like a circle there you can see everything there. Some people have cloths and some don't etc, it's crazy.

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    A fourth degree felony? Really? Glad I don't live in New Mexico, I guess.
    What are your congress critters like? Do they try and help you out or are they gun grabbers?

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    My wife and I still CC when we go there, and don't have a problem with it. If properly done, Who knows any way?? If they say any thing to me, it is GOODBYE forever. Others in town want my money as well.
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    To clear up a few items in this now old post. There seems to be some confusion on the rules and laws regarding the signs of liquor establishments. The sign above that was referenced as a "photocopy of a real sign" is in fact a real sign that holds the force of law. See the bolded sections below.

    There are two signs available to liquor license holders per RLD (Regulation and Licensing Division)

    No Firearms Allowed Poster
    To be posted on all licensed premises that are licensed to sell beer, wine or spirits for on-premises consumption AND any establishment that has elected to prohibit firearms of any kind whether open or concealed, on its licensed premises.

    No Firearms Allowed EXCEPT Concealed Carry Poster
    To be posted on all licensed premises that are licensed to sell ONLY beer and wine and licensed premises that ONLY sell package alcohol for off-premises consumption, UNLESS the licensed premises has elected not to allow any firearms on its premises.


    Signs do not have to be any specific size for them to hold the force of law if you are a concealed carry holder. The law you're referencing is part of the trespassing statutes NMSA 30-14-6 that has minimum standards that must be followed for a sign to be valid. Unfortunately, when you have a concealed carry permit issued or recognized by NM you subject yourself to NMAC "terms and conditions of license" (see the second paragraph below)

    30-14-6. No trespassing notice; sign contents; posting; requirement; prescribing a penalty for wrongful posting of public lands.
    A. The owner, lessee or person lawfully in possession of real property in New Mexico, except property owned by the state or federal government, desiring to prevent trespass or entry onto the real property shall post notices parallel to and along the exterior boundaries of the property to be posted, at each roadway or other way of access in conspicuous places, and if the property is not fenced, such notices shall be posted every five hundred feet along the exterior boundaries of such land.
    B. The notices posted shall prohibit all persons from trespassing or entering upon the property, without permission of the owner, lessee, person in lawful possession or his agent. The notices shall:
    (1) be printed legibly in English;
    (2) be at least one hundred forty-four square inches in size;
    (3) contain the name and address of the person under whose authority the property is posted or the name and address of the person who is authorized to grant permission to enter the property;
    (4) be placed at each roadway or apparent way of access onto the property, in addition to the posting of the boundaries; and
    (5) where applicable, state any specific prohibition that the posting is directed against, such as "no trespassing," "no hunting," "no fishing," "no digging" or any other specific prohibition.
    C. Any person who posts public lands contrary to state or federal law or regualtion [regulation] is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.
    History: 1953 Comp., 40A-14-7, enacted by Laws 1969, ch. 195, 2; 1979, ch. 186, 3.

    NMSA (F)
    Carrying prohibited on private property. In addition to other limitations stated in the act, a
    licensee may not carry a concealed handgun on or about his person on private property that has signs posted
    prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons or when verbally told so by a person lawfully in possession of the

    The above section does not place any burden on the poster to comply with NMSA 30-14-6 which is strange considering does charge the poster with complying with the posting requirements. - PROHIBITING THE CARRYING OF CONCEALED HANDGUNS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY: Pursuant to Subsection C of NMSA 1978 Section 29-19-12, any person lawfully in possession of private property may prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns on such private property by posting notice in accordance with NMSA 1978 Section 30-14-6 or by verbally notifying persons entering upon the property.
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  8. It is NOT legal. The Alcohol and Gaming commission has no authority in this matter. Only the owner of the store can impose
    this rule. :)

  9. Before this gets going again, please realize this thread is 3 1/2 years old!
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    Yup ... and somebody needs to update the current status of these no-gun stores.

    I don't shop at Walmart.

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    pWalmart having a corporate policy against guns is news to me. We have no such thing in the Walmarts near us and and believe it must be the store managers in you store doing it but blaming it on corporate so they won't have to take the heat.

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