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    No Walmarts here (SC) are against gun carrying, at least in our location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Before this gets going again, please realize this thread is 3 1/2 years old!
    Too late
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    When I lived in Florida, we were told there is no legal backing for a business to say "no firearms allowed." But if they find out you're carrying and ask you to leave, you have to. Seems New Mexico might be different? I believe I read something in the laws saying you cannot carry if there is a posted "no firearms" sign. Is that the case?

    Verbiage on NM state website FQT. Question: "Where may I not carry a handgun?" Answer: "On private property where the owner has posted signs indicating that you may not carry or if the owner tells you that you cannot."
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    Must be a problem in your state or locale. No signs in my Walmart and they say there is no corporate policy against carry in a state that allows open or concealed carry. My state allows open carry and concealed carry with a permit.

  6. Santa Fe posted at Wally Store

    2019 - The Santa Fe Super Wally is posted and so is Sam's Club.

    The old Walmart was not posted as of last year and I haven't been there since.

    Best to avoid Walmart since they are now unpredictable.

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