Gun Instructors Forced To Stop Teaching
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Thread: Gun Instructors Forced To Stop Teaching

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    Gun Instructors Forced To Stop Teaching

    Two concealed carry firearms instructors with the state of New Mexico have been ordered to stop teaching.

    The firearm instructors, Raymond Lunsford from Loving and Stephen Bare, of Carlsbad were not teaching the statutory requirements to citizens wishing to carry a concealed handgun, according to New Mexico Department of Public Safety spokesperson Peter Olson.

    Special Investigation Division agents within the NMDPS attended a course on January 31, and determined that Lunsford's and Bare's instruction did not meet minimum standards.

    Agents discovered that Lunsford and Bare only gave 3-4 hours of instruction and were not demonstrating fire profecieny.

    New Mexico state law requires 15 hours of instruction, and requires each participant to prove their competency with firearms on a shooting range.

    Olson said since Nov 1 2008, more than 442 students have attended courses taught by Lunsford and Bare.

    The Department of Public Safety is examining the legitimacy of all classes taught by Lunsford and Bare.?

    Olson said the department will determine what action should be taken regarding the Concealed Carry Licenses issued from these two instructors.

    Source: KRQE

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    should make them take it again @ the cost of the trainers who fail to do there job.when you pay for training you should @ minimum get what the state requires,if not more.
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    Thanks for posting, but its a shame.

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