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  1. new guy needs help

    heres the story

    i took my pistol permit class in jamestown ny ( Chautauqua county) i was born the so i go (home) almost every weekend to see friends and what not, but i live in orchard park ( erie county) i went and picked up the paper work for erie county and it says that the 4 refernces have to be from erie county? is that true i cant use my friends that live in jamestown ( Chautauqua) county?

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    Yes they do want your refrences to be from the same county and prefer people that have known you for 5 or more years (at least in Jefferson county) If you don't know 4 in your residing county. Ask them if you may use people from the county you grew up in. I really think if your straightforward with them the will try and accomodate you within reason. Good luck.

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    Wow! Must be a NY thing!!

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    Call where you picked up the application and ask. Here in Ulster County, residency is not a requirement.

  6. It is in Orange County. I live right across the border in Ulster now, I signed as a ref for a buddy of mine who is still in Orange and they rejected me as a reference.

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    WOW! Glad I live in Missouri. If I had to come up with 4 references I would have never gotten my CCP.
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    I thought MA was a difficult place to get A LTC… Yikes… I wish that NY would allow/issue non resident license, but I’m not sure that will happen in my lifetime…Good luck. Let us know what happens.
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  9. yeah i called today to ask, and who ever i talked to didnt know and they told me to call back later when her boss was in.

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    In Jefferson County your references do not need to be county residents. I'm pretty sure they don't even have to be NY residents.
    I used someone from out of county as one of my references. Someone mentioned to me that because of Fort Drum, alot of applicants have references from out of the county, and thats why it isn't a requirement.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by tj_cubin View Post
    Someone mentioned to me that because of Fort Drum, alot of applicants have references from out of the county, and thats why it isn't a requirement.
    Oh, so if there wasn't a military base there, they would require same county references? Wonderful regulations they have. Just shocking to me where all you have to be is a law abiding citizen over here.

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