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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterson View Post
    To my knowledge, NYS pistol permit law states, ..." if you do not have a valid pistol license than you cannot legally handle or hold a handgun". All you may legally do is look at one. That is also true at a pistol range. Like it or not, that is the law in NYS. Job #1 is to get a pistol license then go to all the stores you like.
    This is sad but very true! Welcome to New York.

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    I have had similar experiences with Gander Mountain. First i was informed at the check out that i could not purchase a ramrod for a muzzleloader because I was not 21. I was over 18 at the time and tried to explain to the guy that I could go purchase a muzzleloader with a ramrod... I argued to no avail.
    Also, I have had them tell me that my younger brother could not handle the firearms even with me present. How else will I know what shotgun will fit him?
    anyway because of these two seperate instinces, I will not do buisness with Gander Mountain. I still think they were wrong about the ramrod too!

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