Broome County Concealed Carry Course
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Thread: Broome County Concealed Carry Course

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    Broome County Concealed Carry Course

    Carry Concealed Pistol Class (Broome County)
    This comprehensive two day class will encompass issues encountered by the legally armed citizen. Issues such as the justification and use of force, when and where appropriate, criminal and civil liability, weapon selection, methods of carrying concealed, maintenance of your weapon and support equipment and range training, including dynamic range exercises.

    This course is the approved prerequisite course by the licensing officer for persons applying for a full carry, unrestricted permit or upgrading their existing permit in Broome County.

    Preregistration is required, please call for information.

    Course Cost $195.00

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    Thanks for the post! I have folks in Endicott and Vestal that will be interested in this info.

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    Very Cool, let us know if you want to demo any of our products and offer your students a discount while making some commision. Feel free to email us for info. We have schools nationally that do this. Manufacturers of Tactical Solutions, Kevlar Body Armor Shirts, and Holsters. Follow us on Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook!

  5. Long Arm Investigations Carry Conceal Permit Class

    I run the full Carry Conceal permit class for Long Arm Investigative Services and Associates,Inc. located in Broome County. We offer this class for residents of Broome , Tioga and Chenango Counties and we are accepted by the Judges in those locatuions as a qualified course for people looking to obtain their Full Carry Permit.
    Log on to: LONGARMGROUP.COM and look for yourselves.

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