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Thread: Question about application in Dutchess County

  1. Got My appointment for fingerprints etc. from the Sheriff. I am scheduled for May 11th at 9am. Sightsontarget you were right about the 90 day wait for the interview. Im assuming the six months will start from that day?


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    Yea, unfortunately that seems to be the case in Dutchess County. Let us know how it goes, and if you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to ask.

  4. Like you said in the class. it may be a long wait. But after that i should have an unrestricted permit. Kind of early in the process. But i am going to have to use a gift certificate before i get the permit. if you had to make a decision on a 9mm would you choose a springfield xd or a glock. or is there another 9 you like. The Springfield you brought too class was really nice.


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    They are both great firearms in my opinion. Here are my pros and cons:
    Have been around for a very long time, and are time tested. Many police agency use glock pistols. You can find "aftermarket" parts for glocks very easily. For me, glocks tend to be a little bulky. It is harder to conceal a glock than an Springfield xd for me.

    Has a grip safety, a external loaded chamber indicator, and a decent grip. There are also a lot of aftermarket parts for a xd. The XD's have not been around too long, but the new XDM seems to have worked out many of the "kinks" of the XD. Personally, I shoot better with the XD than with the Glock, and I enjoy carrying it and shooting it more.

    Both are very reliable pistols, and I have yet to have either fail. Either pistol is a fine choice.

  6. Hopefully for you it won't be as long as you think. I know of persons getting their permit in under 2 months from the date of submission. This is of course after waiting 4 -5 months to submit the application.

  7. That's great to hear. hope that holds true when I hand mine in.

  8. Less than 6 months for a full carry in Dutchess county.Delaware county give's there residents full carry with no BS.

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