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    I am new to this forum. Well I applied for my CCW in Erie County. I have had a pp for target and hunting for since 1998. I stated that I managed a home owned by my family in a heavily crime infested area in Buffalo. I also stated that I have extensive military training specifically in weapons. So I'll wait. Does anyone have any CCW experiences

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    Yes I do, I also had my Target and Hunting Restrictions lifted off my permit. in August of this year. when I filled out my Upgrade request I listed these two reasons. 1- That I recently applied for my PA License to carry Firearms and my Florida Concealed carry permit because I was Going to begin Hunting this year in PA and, in order to be completely legal while traveling to and from PA and Ny Especially at Night I would respectfully need the restrictions lifted off my permit also the same principles appy for traveling to and from florida. 2- I advised Judge Boller that I was Now an Current EPL Life Member of the NRA And, also An member of USCCA USCCA and That I have been studying the laws of carrying concealed weapon and because of how the laws are written I would need Unrestricted Status to travel at night because PA Hunting season is different than NY States and also there are no legal shooting ranges along NYS Thruways I would be in Violation having my Weapon with me. with that being said and asking respectfully and not asking for personnel protection my request was granted. I hope this helps you. I also copied Both my PA & FL Permits along with my Membership cards for NRA And USCCA and sent them with my upgrade request good luck
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