Speaking of disorderly conduct....my response to the NY-bashing post forgot to mention that I've got one of those on my record, also.

As an 18 year old kid I got into a verbal argument with a police lieutenant who was having a rough evening. He apparently didn't appreciate humor, sarcasm, or my tone...and I was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for being a smartass.

Appeared in court, received an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal ("ACD").
6 months later the charges were automatically dismissed and the case was automatically sealed.

Though I did disclose this information on my pistol permit application, and did submit a copy of the court disposition, I was still approved for a permit with no problem.

The arrest occurred about 3 years prior to me applying for a pistol permit. I have a squeaky clean DMV record, and no other instances of legal trouble whatsoever.

Disorderly Conduct is a very common violation for people to be charged with, as that section of the Penal Code is worded in a way that allows heavy discretion on the part of law enforcement. It's one of those catch-all violations that ya get If they can't find anything else to charge you with.

If it didn't hinder me from receiving a permit, I'd be surprised if it (on its own) hindered anyone else.