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Thread: Cattaraugus County Pistol Permits

  1. Many of the pistol permit's issued over 20 years ago in the upstate counties were un restricted.I believe there has been some cases of permit's being changed to restrictions when a permit holder goes in to add or remove a pistol on there tag which is paper and get the new plastic card and get the restriction placed.

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    rheaj, That is a great Information Map Where did you get that? or, did you do your homework and, put that together yourself either way nice job. I spoke To Marga today, In the town of of Little Valley She is the Clerk who handles the Pistol Permits. She advised me when she receives the transfer paperwork from Erie County she will send me a letter to come and, Will Issue my New Permit for Cattaraugus County I asked her if I had to re apply she said no. She also stated that they very seldom but any restrictions on permits. Cattaraugus County is very pro gun county I will let you know I sent myTransfer paperwork to Erie County on Thursday Feb 11,2010 she told me it should take around 2-3 weeks
    marga is a great she has helped me many times she is always at the gun shows in cattaraugus county its great because you buy your gun from the dearler go to marga table and she does the paper work give it to the dealer and go home with the gun


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    That was two years ago,when I was there not too long ago the application said it would be restricted to target & hunting.In fact there were a few guys that just got there permits and all restricted.The judge is pro gun but does put restrictions.BTW aplications are up since Obama took office.

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    First time on this forum and have to agree that Cattaraugus County is fortunate to have someone like Marga in charge of the pistol permit department. As long tome permit holders, my wife and I have delt with her many times as we but, sell or transfer various handguns. A few years ago our son obtained a permit in Cheming County and found out that it was restricted to hunting and target shooting. The judge in that county rarely issues a shall carry permit and so far has been undefeated at the polls so unlikley that will change until he retires.


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    Permit tips

    I am filling out paper work now and will be submitting it soon. Is there any tips on making this permit application go smoothly. Certain people, can i use relatives any tips would be great. I am in franklinville,ny

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    I don't know if relatives can be used but suggest only use references that have a clean record and reputation. Specific questions can best be answered by calling Marga at the pistol permit office in Little Valley.


  9. Any of the upstate counties check with all police agencies within the county for any information from you to the character refrences.You have to be clean and not known to the police to be a person who may be a problem.If the application is missing something because you forgot be prepared for the permit to be denied.Any contact with the people in the clerks office has to be positive don't mention I had a fight the other day at the bar or being rude to them because they would be passing along that info to the investigator.

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