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Thread: Herkimer County CCW permit

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    Herkimer County CCW permit


    I live in Herkimer County, NY.

    I just received my approval letter for my NY pistol permit dated Feb 17.

    It happened quite fast once I had all the data submitted. I completed the mandatory CCW class Dec 19, but I had to substitute one reference because the person originally listed lost the paperwork, so I didn't complete the application process until the week after Christmas. I had my interview with the deputy the 26th of January. (I had submitted my original paperwork in October, and it took the FBI about 6 weeks to respond with the fingerprint check).

    Tamika, the pistol clerk in Herkimer county, is an absolute jewel and a pleasure to work with. She's always pleasant and upbeat, and very helpful. The deputy that does the interview was also very straightforward and pleasant to deal with.

    I would recommend that Herkimer County be marked as "Yellow" in the NY map, because while the process is straightforward and the county is practically "shall-issue", the permit is almost always a restricted permit marked "for recreational purposes only." I know several people who have appealed to have the judge remove the restriction, but he has denied the appeal on the basis that "training and justification were inadequate." I was told by a deputy that nearly zero unrestricted permits are approved unless the applicant is an active or retired LEO, a security guard, or someone whose employment requires them to carry large amounts of cash.

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    Thanks for letting us know your experience huddydrvr!!

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    This is what is great about the forums. Thanks for posting from Herkimer County. It would be great to get some representatives from each county on here. Imagine the wealth of information to be had.

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    Herkimer County Restricted Pistol Permit

    I have had my Herkimer County, NY pistol permit for 30 years and it is not restricted. This must be an option the county added recently. I would check with the county on getting that changed.

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    The restrictions are at the discretion of the county judge. I would suspect that in 30 yrs there is a different judge on the bench. They are not legislated restrictions.

  7. I have been waiting. Others that took the same class same day. As me had there's 3 weeks ago. Is it because they know each other. This is way people can't trust each other for not being treated the same

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