Whats the normal wait time?
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Thread: Whats the normal wait time?

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    Whats the normal wait time?

    I have sent the local judge here in rockland county my letter for my ccw. We have a newer judge here who is a bit more ccw friendly. What I was wondering is how long does it usually take to get a letter back from the judge granting or denying the request. Keep in mind I have a pistol permit here with a sportsman/residence restriction on it.


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    Any Ideas? I posted this on two forums with no response at all. I mailed it out February 9, 2010.


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    Sam- I am not sure to he honest. In all reality, it depends on the Judge. I have heard people get responses in 2 weeks, and others who have sent a letter in November of 2009, and are still waiting. (same county, different judge) The average is probably a month to 2 months.

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    recently its more like 6 to 7 months due to increased request for permits.

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