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    Columbia Co N.Y.

    How do Columbia Co. and Rensselaer Co. rate when it comes to granting ccw permits? And what kind of "good cause" does one need to show to get one?

    Having lived in a shall issue state for the past 20+ years ive grown very accustomed to carrying a gun. Now im kicking around the idea of relocating to N.Y. (Columbia Co.) for a job offer...but only if I could obtain a carry permit also. Otherwise I think I will stay where I am.

    Just wanting to know the likelihood of getting a carry permit, and if so, what kind of process is involved.

    I see from the forum that people do have NYS permits, just wanting to find how and where to start....or if I should even bother trying.

    Iím also assuming NYS has an A.W.B. and that my AR15 would be a no-go?

    Any info would be great.

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    Not sure how columbia co is. I know for a fact that Rensselaer issues hunting and target first, than you can apply for an unrestricted after 6 months or so, Plus I believe you have to take some saftety course. I live in Greene they issue unrestricted permits, no problem at all..If I had to guess columbia would be the same as Green....Also a little known fact..I know somebody who had unrestricted permit issued from ulster county and than moved and became a resident of SC....He was able to keep his NYS permit with the SC address upon the ulster county judges approval. I couldnt believe it untill I saw the permit myself when he visited.

    PS my wife is a Real Estate Agent for a major realtor and deals with those areas, she could help you with any relocation

    Good luck

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    Cool thanks for the info. Im just wanting to get a heads up on the process if I can. How long did your process take to get a carry permit?

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    It takes a good six months to process

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    What "reasons" do they accept to get a full carry permit? Do you need to list a "reason" for the carry permit?

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