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    Can't seem to find the answers

    I have a NYS sportsman/ resident pistol permit. When I carry for hunting, camping, hiking, or fishing does it have to be concealed or open carry?

    Also if I'm on my own property can I carry concealed on my property while outside my own house say on my front lawn or in my own yard (this means loaded with one in the chamber)?

    I can't seem to find the answers anywhere and one of the pistol clerks here isn't very 2nd amendment friendly so no luck there as well.


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    NY does not generally allow open carry, except while hiking, fishing & hunting (i.e. in the woods) or on a range. ALL other carry is concealed carry. While I believe you should be able to do whatever you want on your own land, I wouldn't recommend open carry on your property if you can be seen from the road or other properties - you don't want someone reporting "man with a gun" to the police; that could get ugly.

    Check out for more information.

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    Cool RichieD

    Harley Hunter,

    It's a game of cat & mouse. I'd suggest that you get paperwork for a CCW completed. Dot the I's cross the T's. Submit through your county agency (Sheriff's). Remember, eye on the goal! This State is very difficult because it has strong ties to NYC in precedence policy. Judges can be ambiguous because there are no statutes establishing precedent. I've known people that have been "in the system" for over 6 months just here in Onondaga county. Now you must even have a "sit down" with a judge. So beware. It ain't gonna be easy.
    Good luck.

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