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    Talking NY here

    :D Hello from New York

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    Hey zappa , good to see another familiar face on here, later burley

    PS ya gonna get rj to visit over here?
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    NIAGARA FALLS?!? Sloooowly I turned...!

    Welcome aboard! I grew up on a small farm outside of Corning and did some time and Fort Drum. Nice to see you.
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    Smile Hi From The Monroe County Area!

    Just joined after lurking for a few weeks. Looks like a nice forum - sort of like XDTALK. Doesn't look like there are too many NY folks here.....guess Spitzer and friends have scared them all off.
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    In Buffalo

    Hello there from Buffalo. Gald to see that there are a few other New Yorks on here. So what was every ones experience getting licenses? I'm really from Wayne County, just go to school in Buffalo, and it took just over two weeks. Since then I have had a few amendments take over a month.

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    Hi from Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zappa50 View Post
    :D Hello from New York
    Greetings from florida and welcome.I used to live at the foothills of the adirondak mountains some ten years ago.A little town called Hagaman.

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    New guy here. I live in Monroe county. I just got my permit, which took 9.5 months and over $140. Just a few miles away in Wayne county I heard it only takes 2 weeks to get a permit. It was still worth the time and money, though.

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    Another from NY

    Hello, another New Yorker here. Just got my permit in Dutchess County, a shall issue county. Took about 5 months and $130.

  11. Wondering about NY guidelines.

    Hello New Yorkers,
    I am a former New Yorker of 44 yrs and reside in Ohio. I am wondering why it takes so long in NY to get your permit and what guidelines they go by to issue yours. Is it normal to receive a permit for most application submitted?

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