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  1. Not sure where to put this?

    So I just turned 18. And I looked at the NYS (and NYC) gun laws, and I know I don't need a permit to buy a rifle/shotgun in the state while I must apply for a permit in the city. But other than that, I don't know how to buy a weapon. I am particularly interested in a Swiss K31 straight-pull rifle. Is there like a federal license I must get first? How likely am I to be able to get a permit in the city? If not, I could always wait until I graduate college and move out of state to get my mil-surp rifles.

    So I guess my question in a gist would be, how are weapons bought?

    I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

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    If you are buying online, You must have a FFL near you. Your FFL sends paper work to the seller. You send your money to the seller. The seller send your firearm to your FFL. You pick up from your FFL and pay him a fee for doing so. Usually between 25 and 50 dollars.
    If you are buying from a store front. You just buy it and walk out with it.
    They will run a NIC check on you, if you pass, you pay for and collect your rifle.
    Hand guns are a different story in NY.

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    Do not think you are ignorant...This is a great choice of firearm...hard to get ammo though (and it more often then corrosive)

    So...what do you really want?

    Target, personal protection....just plain fun?

    Think about it, then make your move...

    So...I have a Kahr PM9 - personal protection (though a 5-6 shooter would be better)
    I have a Walther P22 - nice handgun target (Semi Auto)

    Just got a Ruger SR-22 - Love it - 22lr AR variant with 10/22 options and AR-15 options...highly recommend this bad ass long riffle target assault weapon trainer...yeah I get it, it does not break down like an assault riffle but really? It has all the Ruger 10/22 aftermarket options and all the AR-15 toy options for fun/tactical you really need a 22lr AR to break down as a trainer...if you can not figure out a .223/5.56 AR than you should re-think shooting in general silly person...

    Bringing my "guns" to the show...

    ...NOTE - I am having fun here- at my expense, not trying to on the serious end if you need any advice contact me, I do not know everything but I can at least ask the guy who I took my class to get my state certification...the laws are hard to navigate...I am from AZ and trying to fall within the law in MA is just as hard in NY so do not be intimidated.I know my local authorities and do the right thing and network...I know the Police captain in my town, this goes along way! They are not your enemy...but a great resource...use them. If you are going to travel, get out of state permits for those states if it is going to be a regular thing, I have a VT, NH and a FLA permit. The FLA will get you most of the east coast.

    I Belong to the Massachusetts Rifleman Association (MRA home page) Oldest gun club in the USA! Remember YOU ARE THE ADVOCATE FOR THE FUTURE! And remember in the end guns should be fun so a club is a way to meet people you normally would not hang out with.

    Do I sound like your dad yet????
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    Last I knew there is NO permit/license system in VT. Anyone can carry there. The law merely says that you cannot carry a firearm with the intent to commit a crime.

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    Permit in VT

    Quote Originally Posted by JimPage View Post

    Last I knew there is NO permit/license system in VT. Anyone can carry there. The law merely says that you cannot carry a firearm with the intent to commit a crime.
    ...If you live in the state of VT you are OK (I.E. your drivers licenses is all you need) If you are out of state it is a different story, depending on the LEO you are dealing with or the city town you are in... ( I.E. the Police Officers in the areas I frequent have me on record, with a copy of my MA permit) But to think you can just go to VT and not be a resident and get and carry a gun you are mistaken, or open carry without permission you could get into trouble. Vermonters take care of their own, not to keen on city folk from out of state running around with firearms that I can assure you. Quite frankly I do not blame them, to many people today try and take advantage of others generosity.

    "Vermont Gun Laws

    We get many requests regarding gun laws in Vermont. For information on this subject we refer you to the Vermont Attorney General's Office for a relatively comprehensive list of the laws pertaining to guns in Vermont.

    Please be aware that Vermont does not at this time require or issue gun permits. Some Vermont towns and cities do have local ordinances, so if you are planning on visiting, it would be wise to contact the local police chief to find information pertaining to local information. "

    And just a side note: (I hate to say I got this from Wikipedia...but it is to the point and an fairly accurate)

    The GFSZA of 1995 effectively outlaws all forms of unlicensed carry nationwide:

    "Nearly every State in the nation allows some form of unlicensed carry by law-abiding citizens. This may be open-carry, vehicle-carry, or concealed carry without the need for a permit. The Federal GFSZA deters unlicensed carry by making it a federal crime for an individual carrying a gun to travel on public sidewalks, streets, or highways that pass within one-thousand (1000) feet of the property line of a K-12 school. The large number of K-12 schools in developed areas makes it difficult for an individual to travel any distance without entering a Gun Free School Zone."

    So even in VT you have to remember this one...always gotta remember the Gun Free Zone Act...and the original poster mentioned he just turned 18, he should not be quoting the law to a LEO in that particular LEO's state, JimPage I noticed your 74 (much respect) you can pretty much do what you want I do not think a LEO in VT will say anything to you but "nice revolver"! :o)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPage View Post

    Last I knew there is NO permit/license system in VT. Anyone can carry there. The law merely says that you cannot carry a firearm with the intent to commit a crime.
    yes, with the exception you can't carry within 1000 feet of a school zone.

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