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Thread: Microstamping legislation passes Assembly

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    Quote Originally Posted by RottenII View Post
    This board has a wide array of people from various backgrounds and professions. The one thing we do have in common is our love of firearms and personal freedoms the 2nd amendment provides. While you are free to have an opinion on law enforcement etc, rather than throw some shots at any one group, I think it would be a much more constructive use of your time to devote to letter writing to your reps. voicing your opposition to these anti gun bills.
    Gee, thanks for the advice. I've been politically active since 1972 ... how about you?

    I also don't see what good it does to allow certain infringements on our Constitutional rights while bragging about obeying the rest. Either the Constitutiion and Bill of Rights are obeyed by government or the government is acting outside legal limits. It would be nice if part-time supporters of the Constitution could find their way to entirely support it.

    And, as for 'shots at any one group': you've not been paying attention.
    People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.--River Tam

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NDS View Post
    Gee, thanks for the advice. I've been politically active since 1972 ... how about you?
    Well, you got me beat there NDS! I was only three in 1972,

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDS View Post
    Microstamping laws do what is intended. It provides another way to limit the choices of citizens while the politicians scream that these are 'reasonable'. They really don't care about crime or criminals beyond the fact that crime gives them a reason to increase government power.
    This Bill is a back door safety valve for the Politicians that have their hands in the Brady Bunch and Bloombergs pockets to circumvent the 2nd Amendment while supporting the 2nd Amendment.

    It will severely limit the availability of a semi-auto (now) and opens the door for others later.

    Lets suppose you want to bur a Springfield XD or a Glock or anything besides a Remington.
    For them to be sold in NY they must be mico stamped.
    If I were the CEO is would simply say. We don't ship to New York. Remington's are made in NY so I guess they will have to comply.

    Anyway,now the butt heads that voted yes can go on TV and say I fully support the Second Amendment.

    Not to mention that the manufacturers that do comply will have an additional cost to do so.
    Who's gonna pay that cost?
    You are when you have to pay more for the same product than the guy buying the same gun in Vermont or Texas or where ever.

    We already have COBIS and that debacle hasn't helped in solving one incident.

    Will New Yorkers ever wake up? Somehow I don't think so.

  5. Hey Rotten,

    Thanks for your valuable insites and being an adult responding to those pot shots. I live in NYS as well, and LEO's are supportive of us law abiding citizens obtaining ccw's. Upstate and downstate NY are different universes, and it is annoying when folks generalize. I live upstate, raise cows and make hay. Us upstaters are generally pro 2nd ammendment and do not like to be lumped in with the NYC yum yums!

  6. Thank Heif!

    Has anyone else heard back from their Reps? I spoke with Senator Volkers office and He will vote NO but states they really don't know which way the vote will go.

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    I live in upstate NY also, not all LEO's are 2A friendly, ask the gentleman from Texas who was arrested on the North way by Lake George for having a NAA black powder pistol in a belt buckle holster this spring. He spent about 2 weeks in jail(or more) while the nimrods figured it out. that trooper needs a new job if he can't identify a legal firearm.

  8. Hey rotten, thanks for talking with your reps. I am out of town, but will address this with our local reps and state Sen when I return.

    Two Gun Willy, you are right about some LEO's being not supportive of the 2nd, and the black powder story is extreme. Now back to work.

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    It's hard to believe that anyone can honestly think that microstamping ammo will reduce gun violence by predators that take human life with no more remorse than the guilt derived from stomping on a coachroach. Some politicians just don't get it--criminals do not care what restrictive gun laws are passed by society because the are CRIMINALS and breaking more gun laws is not a problem for them.

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    Arguably, micro-stamping legislation is not actually intended to reduce crime at all. It is sold that way, but it would not surprise me to learn that it was really truly intended to stop the sale of semi-automatic handguns in NYS.

    Manufacturer's outside of NYS state will simply say "Sorry, we don't sell in NYS anymore." It will cost them more money to implement microstamping into their manufacturing than they will lose by just not selling to NYS customers anymore.

    Remington, who has a plant inside NYS, may find it more cost effective to simply move their operations outside of NYS. Considering the amount they would probably save in taxes by moving out of state, this may just make it worth it for them to move.

    Once semi-autos are no longer for sale in NYS, the law makers might say "well, criminals are getting around our microstamping laws by using revolvers. So, we have to ban those now. You can still get a handgun, by purchasing a micro-stamping semi-auto - so we're not infringing on your right to bear arms."

    At that point, all handguns will be effectively unavailable to all law abiding citizens of NYS.

  11. All of you folks are on target. Hopefully this bill will not pass. NY is called the empire state for a good reason. We need to vote these yum yums out. Gun ownersxof America has a good political report card for each state.

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